Key Takeaways from As A Man Thinketh

As A Man Thinketh is a must-read book if you want to know all about your powers and how to take responsibility for your life.

As A Man Thinketh deliberates and helps us realize the power that we already possess. This power is our ability to think. The author talks about harnessing this ability to help us shape our lives in the way we want. Listed below are some of the key points mentioned in this book.

Changing our lives with our thoughts

Our thoughts have tremendous effects on our personality and finally our lives. It is from our thoughts that actions emerge. From these actions emerges patterns of behavior and finally, these patterns help create our character. As such sad, pessimistic thoughts can lead to insecurities that can negatively impact our character and finally, our lives.

So, James Allen provides a simple solution. Since our thoughts shape our character, if we shape our thoughts in the way we desire, we can bring about desired changes to our character. The first step to achieving this desired change would be; weeding out bad and sad thoughts from our minds which will make us value ourselves more. Improved self-esteem will help us develop a fresh and positive outlook towards things. A positive outlook will ultimately influence our character and bring joy, happiness, and peace to our lives.

Shaping our world

There have been instances in our lives where we failed miserably and more often than not, we blamed those failures on external circumstances. While this might make us seem less guilty, it also holds us back from improving. Circumstances and external stimuli indeed have a huge role to play in our lives and help shape our character and personality, but that is just one side of the story.

As A Man Thinketh points out that there is another side to this story that we fail to consider. The fact that we, ourselves, have a role to play in shaping our lives and it is our viewpoints that shape the world around us, often gets side-lined. Even the most difficult problems. It is imperative to remember that our thoughts have a huge role in shaping up to our lives as well as manipulate the resources all around us.

Effect of Positive Thoughts

While we have considered the effect of positive thoughts on our character and our surroundings, the author reminds us that our body is influenced by our thoughts. Having pessimistic thoughts will affect our minds and ultimately harm our bodies. This could give rise to issues like poor sleep, hypertension, headaches, and wrinkles. Our body not only becomes the storehouse of many diseases but will age faster.

As such, the author stresses positive and vibrant thoughts. When we love ourselves, we will love our body and work to keep it healthy. We will be happy and joyful which keeps our heart and mind healthy. It will also help us age slower and stays youthful.

The author, James Allen, also speaks about the effect of positive thoughts on our personal and professional relationships, on our profession, and our spiritual practice. When we are positive and looking forwards to life, it creates a positive aura around us that attracts people towards us. Moreover, it will also help our mind break boundaries by looking for solutions in places that we perhaps might have never thought possible.

Our Success depends on Us

As A Man Thinketh is one of the most searched top book summaries and is also available as free audio book summary on various websites.

It makes us realize how our happiness lies in our own hands. While external stimuli have an impact on our lives, it is up to us whether to feel victimized or to break those shackles and try to find a way out.

Secondly, the author reminds us to keep dreaming and to dream big. If not for all the big dreamers like Columbus, our world would not have progressed to this stage. As such, we need to train our thoughts to keep ourselves optimistic so that we can strive for that dream, no matter how ridiculous others may perceive it to be. It is imperative to stick to our goals and not let go, no matter how dire the circumstances may seem. As A Man Thinketh states that we must channel our thoughts to achieving our goals and let go of all thoughts that could deter us in that journey. This, of course, isn’t easy. But our mind can be trained to perform the task and we will be happier with the results.

Thus, these are some of the few tricks and know-how that the author suggests that we try to bring out the desired changes in our personality and live the life we want.

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