Inner Engineering- 5 Quick Lessons from Inner Engineering

The book ‘Inner Engineering’ by Sadhguru touches upon the myriad aspects of humans but most importantly focuses on body, mind and energy. It is an insightful book which has so much to absorb and can surely expand the capacity of the human mind.

Sadhguru also talks about self awareness, pursuit of happiness, love, responsibility, and yoga to a great extent. His primary focus is to make people understand one should focus within themselves to find all the answers rather than searching them outside. He inspires to take control of one’s emotions and to take a deep dive in order to find our true purpose of existence.

Inner Engineering’ is divided into two parts- One half  is about Sadhguru’s own experiments and journey While the other half is further divided into three parts- body, mind and energy.

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Understanding of self or self awareness

How can you expect different results by repeating the same thing over and over again? And then when people don’t get the desired results, they blame it on destiny. This is when self awareness comes into play.

In ‘Inner Engineering’, Sadhguru states that self awareness is a sadhna or practice that needs to be inculcated in our day to day life. The author has laid down some practices and approaches in order to help us find control over our thoughts, actions and emotions.

Self awareness is about making sure whatever is happening on the outside shouldn’t cause havoc and distress on the inside. Read the free book summary and free audiobook summary on the RollingSlate website to know more about self awareness.

Pursuit of happiness

Sadhguru gives the real reason behind depression, anxiety and mental health disbalance. He states that depression occurs when our mind, body and your energy are not in sync. It is then when you  become a slave to these aspects,  when it should be the other way around.

When pain, misery or suffering is happening, the only person you need to fix  should be yourself and not other people.

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Reactivity and Responsibility

One of the most important lessons that ‘Inner Engineering’ teaches is that a person must respond consciously to a situation and not compulsively. When you decide to respond consciously that is what is called taking responsibility.

Reactivity is enslavement while responsibility is  freedom. Anger usually provokes unintelligent actions and is fundamentally self destroying.

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Enlightenment is possible only when body, mind and energy is in sync

In ‘Inner Engineering’ , Sadhguru  teaches us to listen to what your body is trying to tell. He states that the body is the only aspect that is visible and tangible thereby making it less difficult for us to control. If you want your body and five senses to work optimally then you have to take good care of it at all times. This will in turn affect the cognitive process.

He reiterates the fact that our body is perceptive and exactly tells us what it wants- be it food, sleep or  exercise.

Coming to energy, it is imperative to use your energy in the right direction in order to boost productivity. If you use the energy in the right direction, it will reap the benefits. Sadhguru calls this energy ‘Karma.’  Karma is a practice where you get what you give. When you do something good to someone that good will come back to you in some form and if you do something bad then vice-versa.

On the other hand, if you  utilize it in the negative direction, the impact will be disastrous and will burn you out gradually.

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Live  in the moment and enjoy simple pleasures of life

Sadhguru believes that it is super important to enjoy ‘now.’ He teaches the readers to find peace in little moments and not think about what is going to happen in future. Because worry about the future takes away the fruits of today. In order to understand the topic further, read the free book summary and free audiobook summary on various book summary websites.

Follow these practices and techniques on ‘Inner Engineering’ if you think this article added value to your life or helped you in expanding your brain.

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