5 Must-Read books on Career and Success

Mentioned below are 5 of the best non-fiction book that will benefit your career and help you transcend the stairs to success. To save time, you can read their book summaries or listen to their audiobook summaries and get the best knowledge out of them.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

This book reveals secrets on harnessing the greater part of our mind, i.e., the subconscious mind to unleash its potential. The subconscious mind can be trained to our benefit for tackling a wide array of problems and give us not just the right boost in our career but also make us happier, wiser, and more positive. A few suggestions for harnessing this vast resource of the subconscious mind, according to the author, are as follows.

One powerful attribute of the subconscious mind is its ability to absorb and manifest any idea that has been suggested to it, which implies that repetitively suggesting our ideas makes our mind absorb it and turn it into our reality.

Secondly, meditatively channeling our positive thoughts to our subconscious mind and visualizing our dreams enables our subconscious mind to manifest those dreams into reality. Furthermore, willing our minds to stay positive will help our entire body radiate positivity and will attract the right people, and will help build better connections needed for a successful career.

Thirdly, through meditation, our subconscious mind can be trained to help guide us in taking better decisions.

This vast energy of our subconscious mind is ours for the taking. We only need to train it and we can use this power to our advantage and reach the pinnacle of success.

Do Over

This book is about going for the right career, a career that fills us with excitement and has endless possibilities, and the right way to go for it. This might even lead to us leaving behind our lackluster jobs. As such, the author suggests some simple things that can help us grab on to that one path that moves parallel to our passion.

The first thing to do is quell our fear. Changing careers can be stressful. It means leaving behind that security blanket. But, if we want to be happy and successful, we need to overcome this fear.

Secondly, and perhaps the most important for our emotional well-being is a strong support system. Building good and strong relations with the right people can help us smooth over any career bump that we might come across.

Thirdly, acquiring new skills. That goes without saying. The right set of skills makes us more capable of handling our tasks and improves our market value.

Fourthly, developing a strong character. We need to invest in our personality to make a lasting impression on people, which will help build better relations and stronger networks. Positive outlook, generosity, and empathy are skills worth imbibing into our personality.

Fifthly, the desire to learn and move forward. It is highly desirable to develop an urge to learn, not just new skills but also from our mistakes.

These tricks will give us the push we needed to start over a new leaf and look in the positive direction of our careers.

Becoming Steve Jobs

Whether you wish for a successful career or to become an entrepreneur, Steve Jobs is a role model. And this book doesn’t fail to infer as such as it delves deeper into the life of this successful entrepreneur and there are many useful things to learn from his life.

Steve Jobs had an interest and knack for technology and he ventured further into his interests. This goes on to prove how important it is to pursue your interests.

Despite going through multiple setbacks and failures, he just kept bouncing back and ventured into one prospect after another till he finally saw the results he desired. At the end of the day, unless we are willing to face the music for our actions, there is no moving forward.

The Automatic Millionaire

This book is about becoming a millionaire, or more precisely, an automatic millionaire. A sure way to becoming a millionaire, the automatic millionaire way provides certain tips and tricks to getting this much craved after the financial tag.

The first trick is to save small amounts daily. This is one of the golden rules and can help amass up to large amounts over time. Moreover, the system of compound interest in banks can increase our amount substantially over time.

The second trick is setting up a pre-tax retirement account. Saving a certain portion of the income right from the gross income before applying the taxes, can leave us with a  higher net income. You only have to do the math to check it out.

The third trick is to set up an automatic payment system of saving in an account. In that way, we do not need to be conscious of our spendings and discipline ourselves to have the necessary amount of savings. This can be done in collaboration with the second trick and all we need to do is determine the percentage that we can cut from our gross salary.

The fourth track is to set up an emergency fund. This is highly important and quite easy to put up. The author suggests setting apart about 5% of our salary as an emergency fund. Sine misfortunes and mishaps cannot be prevented, at least we know we are financially secured when it comes down to it.

The fifth track is to start investing in owning a house than leaving on rent. The advantages of having your own house cannot be compared to living in a rented apartment. However, considering the financial aspect, if the right mortgage loans are chosen, then, paying a mortgage loan would be much cheaper than paying rent. This will automatically mean more amount to spend, more savings, and the best, a house of your own.

The sixth trick is controlling how much debt gets accumulated due to the credit card system. While discarding credit cards completely might be improbable, a few changes here and there can take us a long way. One simple change that we can make if debts are accumulating in multiple accounts is to transfer the entire amount to one account, i.e., the account that charges the least interest. This would ensure that we can pay a lesser debt as compared to before.

These tips and tricks focus on making small changes and doing them automatically. These then, accumulate over time due to compound interest and before we know it, we could be millionaires.

Find Your Why

This book delves into the finer nuances of finding a purpose in life. The authors speak about the Why or the reasons that help us move forwards in life.

The first piece of advice is the starting point of this entire journey. Knowing what it is that you like and want to do can be a tedious affair but if we don’t do some soul searching right at the start, we will never be able to build a satisfying and ultimately, successful career.

The second piece of advice is to look to your past experiences in finding your purpose. Our experiences shape up our personalities and passion, so t wouldn’t be wrong to say that there must have been something that we had felt or seen that would help us find our passion.

The third piece of advice in finding your purpose if all else failed is to look for outside help. It would be beneficial if the person helping is not overly familiar with you but is a good listener and can ask the right questions. This might help in unlocking certain desires and passions that we weren’t aware of.

The fourth piece of advice is to engage in WHY Discovery workshops. This step mostly applies to companies that wish to create more positive work environments and develop clearer visions. Bringing together and sharing stories and visions can help in highlighting the negative aspects that had perhaps been hindering the progress of the company as a whole.

The fifth piece of advice comes after understanding the purpose in our life. The next step would be to focus on bringing that purpose to fruition and working towards that goal. This is a crucial step and we need to focus on knowing and understanding our limits and strengths and making the necessary changes so that we can turn our dreams into reality.

These books are worth reading if you are willing to scale the pillar of success.

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