5 Best Book Markets in Bengaluru to Satisfy the Book Lover in You

Listed below are some of the amazing book markets and stores in Bengaluru which can quench the thirst of every book lover. These stores boast a large collection of books and have gained popularity amongst the common people.

Blossom Book House

This book store is very famous and much loved by the people of Bengaluru. It is a 200 square feet apartment which boasts many floors of books. The owner, Mayi Gowda, started this mini-market in the year 2001 and admits that there must be around 2,00,000 to 3,00,000 titles in the store. These books are sourced from different parts of the country and many titles have also been imported from elsewhere.

The different floors are dedicated to different genres of books. The ground floor is an abode for genres like philosophy and travel and cinema. The first floor boasts fantasy and science fiction as well as comics and literary fiction. The second floor consists of young adult fiction and the fourth floor boasts of non-fiction.

Moreover, both new and second-hand copies are available along with multiple editions of the same copy. This place is a heaven for book lovers.


Higginbothams is a market situated in MG Road of Bengaluru. It prides itself in being one of the oldest bookstores in Bengaluru and revels in the same as it houses a vast collection of books in its century-old building that was built to suit colonial tastes.

This quaint place also boasts a reading space. It is highly beneficial for those who enjoy taking their time picking up a book to buy. It is an integral part of South Indian literary history and a must-visit for all book lovers.

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Goobe’s Book Republic

This is a small, quaint place that revels in providing good client service. This place located on Church Street might not boast a huge collection of books but is still very popular among the people of Bengaluru. This place was started by Ravi Menezes in the year 2008 and is a beautiful place that is filled with many genres of books.

They sell both new and second-hand books. Their work policy includes providing suggestions to customers on what books they could like and also take recommendations from regular customers on the kind of books they should include in their library.

The Bookworm

This book store is especially famous for university students, especially from the Humanities stream and students of literature. This is because of the availability of books that are relevant to their subject. Indeed, this store is dedicated to selling affordable books, especially second-hand books.

This bookstore has developed its unique way of commerce. Customers are allowed to borrow books and exchange them for another. A fee of half the original price of the book is charged. This has made the store quite popular amongst the people.

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Select Bookshop

This store has its legacy. It was frequented by the likes of Ruskin Bond and remains Bengaluru’s finest antiquarian bookstore. This bookstore first started in 1945 and is still going strong.

This store consists of a wide variety of books arranged on its shelves. There are also a large number of old and rare copies of books which are usually kept under lock and key. This is a paradise for those readers who wish to browse through different books and have a thirst for new and exciting things.

Thus, these are among the best book stores or markets in Bengaluru for book lovers.

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