10 Things You Can Relate to If You’re Dating a Book Lover!

If you’re reading this article, well congratulations! You’re dating a book lover and already know most of things in this article. But maybe you want to re-affirm your faith that every person who is dating a book lover sees a pattern in their relationship. Finding relatable stuff always makes one feel good, right?

Dating a book lover is never boring because they never run out of things to talk about. No matter on what subject you strike up a conversation, they never run out of do-you-knows. So, just like that, we have collated 10 things that you can absolutely relate to if you are dating a book lover.

  • They need Me-Time

I know you are well aware of me-time. How wouldn’t you be? You must be hearing this almost every day. While you might not understand this completely but your partner needs to give time to their book everyday too. If you speak during this time, be ready to be shushed, a lot!

  • Choosing a gift for them is so easy

Be it a birthday, an anniversary or just any day, you can always gift them books! Don’t worry about scratching your head for the perfect gift! The perfect gift is already right in front of you. Pick up a book, wrap it up and you’re good to go! You can also show them around book summary websites and pick a book for them to read!

  • Movie vs Book war never ends

You never can put the book vs movie war to bed. Even if you think movie is better, they have endless opinions on how so much of the book was not shown in the movie. You know better now to disagree with them on this argument. If you do, be prepared to be forced to read the book!

  • Often you are asked to read books

As your partner, they really want to share their newest obsession which is why they will ask you to read the book they just finished or are reading. You might not be able to say no, but do you actually have to read? Here’s a little secret – you can go through book summary websites to know what the book is all about. You’re welcome!

  • They are understanding and mature

Dating a book lover, you must have understood by now that they can be very understanding and mature when the time comes. They know when you need space and when you just need someone to listen. Hold on to them!

  • You have to respect their fictional crushes

By now you must have heard your partners describe some guy or girl as the perfect person to exist, ever! Jealous much! Wait till you find out that they’re fictional! You have to learn to respect their crushes on fictional characters from books and hear them talk tirelessly about them.

  • They get sad in real life for what happens in the book

You might have come home to your partner crying their eyes out. You must be horrified and ready to hear the worst when they tell you their favourite character died in the book. Well, it is horrific, for them! Getting upset over happenings in the book is something you must be comfortable with till now.

  • You are not allowed to touch their books

Book lovers are very protective of their books. So just to get your partner to agree to lend you books can feel like a huge task to accomplish. Post that you need to return it on time. And if you fold any page of the book to mark your location, we have one word for you – RUN!

If you have been dating a book lover, you know what happens when you mark their book or put a stain on it! *goosebumps*

  • They are always buying books

If you take them out on a nice day, don’t let them out of sight if you are anywhere near a bookstore. If you do, there goes your entire day. Your partner wouldn’t even know that you’re gone when in between those big shelves of books.

You don’t have to worry about them spending on anything other than books. Pile after pile, they continue to collect books in the house.

  1. ) They are always smelling books

Whenever you see your partner grab a new book, you see them open the book in half and take a deep breath. You might not understand the sense of relief you see on their face. But to a book lover that smell is heaven!

Even when out in a bookstore looking for books, their first instinct is to open the book, sniff it and then see what it is about. If you want to keep them around, might as well start with the sniffing too!

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