10 Struggles Every Book Lover Faces

Reading really is the best friend that you could ask for. No matter the kind of day you had, picking up your favourite book can make it all go away. Immerse yourself in a book and the whole world fades away in the background. Now don’t go on thinking that book lovers have got it easy, they too have their share of struggles.

Let’s quickly go through top 10 struggles that every book lover faces.

  • The urge to buy books

No number of books can be satisfactory. You buy one or two or even 10 but there still would be that one book calling out to you. Seriously, what should you do? Well, for starters, you can listen to free audio book summaries and save some money for the books that you absolutely need!

  • The dream library

If you are a book lover or know a book lover, you know what I am talking about. Every book lover dreams of having that perfect library filled up to the ceilings with books. Name any book and you have it in the library. Everything you need to survive; you can get it in this room. No need to even step out. Keep the hunt for the perfect library going on Pinterest!

  • Just one more chapter!

Every book lover would be nodding a big ‘YES’ to this. They know the struggle of keeping down the book at the end of the day. The temptation of just one more chapter can keep you up all night. And the best part is – you won’t even regret it in the morning!

  • Book hangover

Ever finished a book and still found yourself to be mentally stuck in the story? Book hangover will keep you from starting a new book because you are still not over the old one. And trust us, being stuck in the middle is the worst for book lovers. Wanting to move on, but just unable to. And no, this kind of relationship isn’t toxic!

  • Lending books is a real problem

Is there any book lover who is okay lending books to other people? Most people might not understand the problem in this but book lovers know what a real struggle this is. They love their books and keep them to a certain standard which every one might not understand or even care for. So, if you are asking a book lover to lend one of their books, be ready to watch them squirm uncomfortably.

  • Where’s the bookmark?

Book lovers know the panic of not finding a bookmark when needed. Folding pages of books is simply unacceptable. And trust them to use almost everything as a bookmark when time comes. Book lovers will not shy away from buying fancy new bookmarks for their books. It’s normal!

  • Trying to read everywhere

Book lovers will try to make most of their time by squeezing in a chapter or two, any chance they get. Be it on the subway, while in the bath tub or while going to the bathroom. The real struggle it to keep the book intact. But there’s a solution for this – surf different book summary websites that prove to be less time-consuming and more fast-paced.

  • Wanting to re-read old books but also new books

Every book lover would understand this dilemma of choosing to pick a new book or re-reading their favourite classic. With so many new books out there to read, it can be a real struggle to make a choice between these two. It’s like Sophie’s Choice.

  • Wanting to enjoy every book

Calling yourself a book lover and saying you don’t like a classic hit can sound a bit weird right? Book lovers might find themselves not enjoying a critically acclaimed novel and feel a bit out of place. They struggle admitting it to even themselves, let alone other people.

Well, this is completely normal. You don’t have to like every book there is, even it it’s a classic. Every chef doesn’t like every cuisine, right?

  •  Book vs movie debate

This can be one of the most frustrating things for a book lover. Having to explain to someone how the book is better than the movie. How the movie missed a lot of significant parts of the story. They might feel overwhelmed in such debates because they have experienced both. And well, they also might be a little bit biased. But that’s okay, right? Every person has their opinion.

These are some of the things that every book lover struggles with. If you are a book lover or know someone who is, you know that the list doesn’t end here. Waiting for the next book in a series, or falling in love with a fictional character, or explaining your affection towards a fictional character to someone are just of a few things that can be added to the list.

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