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Beat Sugar Addiction Now!

by- Jacob Teitelbaum and Chrystle Fiedler


Sugar addiction is a very common ailment these days, and it poses significant health hazards – but it is treatable. Beat Sugar Addiction Now! (2010) describes the four types of sugar addiction, as well as their root causes, related health consequences, and how to overcome them.

Jacob Teitelbaum is a physician who specialises in a variety of diseases, including chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. He has written a number of research articles and books, including From Fatigued to Fantastic! and Pain Free 1-2-3! Chrystle Fiedler is a journalist who specialises in alternative health topics. She is the author of Natural Remedies and has coauthored a number of books, including the Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Cookbook.
  • Anyone who feels weak in the face of their sweet tooth
  • People who want to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Women that become irritable and crave sweets during their cycles