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Anatomy of an Epidemic

by- Robert Whitaker


Anatomy of an Epidemic (2010) examines the evolution of mental health treatments as well as the link between pharmaceutical corporations and the discipline of psychiatry. These slates debunk the falsehoods we've been told about such treatments, and in the process, they may make you reconsider the appropriateness of treating psychiatric disorders with a slew of medicines.

Robert Whitaker is a journalist and author from the United States who focuses on medicine, science, and history. He has written five books, three of which are about the history or practise of contemporary psychiatry. He has also won numerous science writing awards, and in 1998 he was part of a Boston Globe team that was nominated for the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for a series of articles questioning the ethics of psychiatric research in which unsuspecting patients were given drugs that were expected to heighten their psychosis.

• Readers who have a family member who suffers from mental illness
• Concerned citizens concerning public health problems
• Government employees and legislators