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Algorithms to Live By

by- Brian Christian & Tom Griffiths


Algorithms to Live By (2016) is a realistic and helpful guide that demonstrates how algorithms have a lot more to do with daily life than you would expect. Not just that, but they will help you live a happier life by assisting you with problem solving, decision making, and getting more things done.

Brian Christian is a best-selling author and well-known motivational speaker with a focus on cognitive science. His career has received several honours, including recognition from the Academy of American Poets. He has also written for The New Yorker, Wired, The Guardian, and other science publications. Tom Griffiths, an award-winning professor of cognitive science and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, directs the Computational Cognitive Science Lab. He has over 150 research articles to his credit.
  • People who are overburdened and wish to boost their time management
  • Anyone who is curious about what algorithms do
  • Those who wish to get more coordinated