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A Team of Leaders

by- Paul Gustavson and Stewart Liff


A Team of Leaders (2014) presents a powerful solution to internal company challenges such as lack of productivity, high turnover and a poor staff engagement. These slates outline the realistic approaches and instruments to lead you to a committed and high-performing working environment, including the five-stage team development model.

Paul Gustavson is an organization design consultant. He is the founder of Organization Planning & Design, a firm that builds and sustains high-performance teams around the globe. He has also co-authored The Power of Living by Design and Running into the Wind.
Stewart Liff is a human resources and visual management expert, and the president and CEO of his own consulting group. He has authored successful books, including Managing Government Employees.

  • People who want to boost their company's employee engagement
  • Teams, clubs and other businesses wanting to enhance their performance
  • Anybody who wants to know workplace dynamics