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A Return to Love

by- Marianne Williamson


A Return to Love (1992) is a compelling call to abandon the pride and embrace love in order to submit to a greater force in the world. Marianne Williamson's thought-provoking message teaches us how to let go of the doubts and resentments that suffocate the love that we all possess. Her step-by-step instructions will help you strengthen your relationships, job, and overall satisfaction.

Marianne Williamson is an author, spiritual leader, and the creator of Project Angel Food, a Los Angeles meals-on-wheels initiative. She is both a member of the Peace Alliance and the RESULTS foundation, all of which work to eradicate hunger and foster peace in the United States and around the world. Many of her books, including The Age of Miracles and Healing the Soul of America, have been New York Times best-sellers.
  • Spiritual seekers seeking advice
  • Troubled minds looking for ways to apologise and let go
  • People looking for a fulfilling career path