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The Moment Of Lift

by- Melinda Gates


The Moment of Lift (2019) tells the story of Melinda Gates' quest to help inspire people all over the world. This part-memoir, part-call-to-action addresses the various social and economic challenges that women and girls face on a regular basis, whether through accounts of people she met through her charity work or memories recounted by others. However, while all of these obstacles seem insurmountable, it is only by solving them that mankind as a whole can progress toward a more egalitarian and just future.

Melinda Gates is a businesswoman, philanthropist, and global voice for women. She founded and currently co-chairs the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world's largest private charity foundation, after rising through the ranks at Microsoft and marrying Bill Gates. In addition to fostering gender equality, the foundation works to reduce poverty and increase access to healthcare around the world.
  • Women interested in learning more about gender problems
  • Men who want to understand the difficulties that women face
  • Inquisitive minds interested in the connections between poverty, gender, and inequality